Nagoya RB-100N Heavy Duty Universal 3/4″ NMO Drill and Bracket Mount Kit

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Nagoya RB-100N
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The RB-100N is a premium NMO bracket (or drill mount kit) for an easy solution to provide ground mount for a vehicle or base mounted antenna. The RB-100N pairs easily with NMO HF, VHF and UHF antennas such as the dual band NMO-72 or tri band TB-320A.

The RB-100N mounts to most any vehicle, tractor, ATV, and base locations. Either drill a hole into a grounded surface – or screw the bracket mount kit into your ground surface. The RB-100N includes a generous 20 feet of 50 ohm low-loss RG-58A/U to easily run your cable through even the largest vehicles. It is terminated with a PL-259 connector to directly connect to radios such as the BTECH UV-50X2, GMRS-50X2, UV-50X3, UV-25X2, UV-25X4 (and other BTECH mobile radios).

Coax: Solid Brass Chromed NMO mounting, Gold contact pin, PTFE insulator, 20ft. RG-58A/U cable, Tinned copper braid 95%.


– RB-100N NMO Lip Mount

– Extra Long 20′ RG-58A/U Coax

– Rain Cap

– L Stainless Steel Bracket Mount

– Screw Kit

Compatible with Any NMO antenna.