Nagoya RB-50 Heavy Duty Universal NMO Magnet Mount

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Nagoya RB-50
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Nagoya RB-50 HD Magnet Mount

Nagoya Antenna magnet NMO mounts are premium quality magnetic antenna mounts with very good holding power. They are a heavy 2.5 lb magnet mount (durable hold) with a 5.15″ diameter base, and are recommended for antennas up to 50 in. tall.

Solid Brass Chromed NMO mounting, Gold contact pin, PTFE insulator, 18ft. RG-58 cable, Tinned copper braid 95%.

Solid insulation, Stranded tinned copper center conductor, UHF Male connector on cable.

Compatible with Nagoya TB-320A and Nagoya NMO-72.

Compatible with Any NMO antenna.

Extend the Range of Your Communication

Receive Hard to Hear Signals and Transmit Further

Most Nagoya antennas will increase your radio’s transmitting gain compared to their factory antenna.

In most cases: the longer the antenna is the better the antenna is capable of boosting weak frequencies and receiving difficult to hear stations. Shorter antennas offer more portability and convenience, while longer antennas generally perform better.

View the comparison chart below to pick the antenna best fit for your application.