Wound Packing 30x Resupply Kit

Active Threat Solutions LLC
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When performing active bleeding type training, you will consume supplies which must be replenished after each course.  You must replenish blood mix, packing gauze, gloves, absorbent pads, and cleanup towels after each course.

ATS makes it easy to keep your active bleeding trainer kits supplied and ready to train.  The wound packing trainer kit 30x Re-supply provides all the consumable supplies needed to support up to (30) trainees performing (2) wound pack evolution's each in a course.

Each 30x Re-supply contains the following supplies:

(1) 2qt Training Blood Mix

(32) S-rolled Packing Gauze

(35) pairs Nitrile gloves, large

(8) Chux absorbent pads

(4) Terri towels, for cleanup


Note: The 30x Re-supply can be used to support a variety of class sizes as noted below, based on (2) wound-pack evolution's per trainee:

(30) Trainees x 1 course

(15) Trainees x 2 courses

(10) Trainees x 3 courses