Mobilize Rescue App

Mar 15th 2022

Mobilize Rescue App

All Mobilize™ trauma kits include the integrated Mobilize Rescue app. This real-time instructional app helps bystanders assess, manage, and treat victims in emergency situations. The step-by-step directions, provided through simple interactive prompts, written instructions, and visual cues, guide rescuers on how to use the medical supplies in each kit to provide care during a medical emergency.

With the Mobilize Rescue app, you won't be on your own in an emergency. The Mobilize system's unique and powerful integration of real-time rescue instructions and medical equipment provides an intuitive platform enabling even untrained bystanders to assess and manage a variety of medical emergencies. Whether the emergency involves severe bleeding, allergic reaction, chest trauma, cardiac arrest, or another form of trauma, Mobilize trauma kits enable anyone to help save a life while medical professionals are en route.

The Mobilize Rescue app is built into the tablet within the Comprehensive and Mobile trauma kits. With the smaller Compact and Public Access trauma kits, the app is accessed through a smartphone.

Designed for Ease of Use

  • Simple interactive prompts, comprising mostly yes or no questions
  • Instructions are written in layperson’s terms; no medical background is required
  • Written instructions are paired with visual cues
  • "More Info" buttons link to additional help
  • A time-stamped record of actions taken is available to share with EMS

Intuitive Organization

The supplies in each kit are clearly labeled and color-coded to match the instructions given by the Mobilize Rescue app. The system’s intuitive organization makes locating supplies easy, saving valuable time during an emergency. 

Simplifies Training

No training is required to use the Mobilize Rescue app – simply distribute it to everyone in your organization and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are prepared to manage medical emergencies.

Real-time instructions guide even untrained users on how to manage trauma victims in an emergency. The Mobilize Rescue app is available for both iOS- and Android-enabled devices and can be accessed with or without WiFi.

* App not sold separately.

  By Zoll Medical Devices

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