Happy Haunting Season!

Posted by Hunter Edge on Oct 20th 2021

Happy Haunting Season!

As ghosts and goblins are getting ready to play tricks and gather treats, are you ready for the start of this holiday season?

We at Active Threat Solutions love the fright night and are ready to squeeze every last terrified scream out of our closest friends and family. Whether we are pulling out a few wearable wounds to create the goriest Halloween costumes around, mixing up gallons of of training blood mix, or having a vampire drinking frenzy with some cherry soda and a wound in a box we are loving it!

Even our website is not exempt from the shenanigans! This year there is a ghost in our machine, but luckily for you he has the sweet treat of savings for you if you can find him. 

Have a Happy Haunting season from all your friends at Active Threat Solutions!