Striker PASGT Helmet

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  • Striker PLT: Standard PASGT
  • Protection: Level IIIA according to NIJ 0106.01 including Frag protection according to MilStd 662f
  • NIJ Standard 0101.06 TESTED: This product has been independently tested by an NVLAP accredited NIJ approved laboratory to meet or exceed ballistic resistance as specified under NIJ Standard 0106.01
  • Materials: Kevlar® fibers and thermoset resin shell construction
  • Head protection: Front, back, crown, and top of the head
  • Adjustable Harness: Multiple harness options, comes standard with 3 PT US PASGT harness
  • Sizing: Circumference is measured around the head, similar to hat sizing. All sizes are measured in inches. If a measurement falls on a dividing line between sizes, select the larger of the two sizes to ensure maximum ballistic protection.


.357 SIG (NIJ06) 125 gr FMJ 1470 448
.44 Magnum (NIJ06) 240 gr SJHP 1430 436
.357 Magnum 158 gr JSP 1430 435
.44 Magnum 240 gr SWCGC 1400 426
9 x 19 mm Parabellum 124 gr FMJ RN 1400 426
40 S&W 180 gr FMJ 1155 352
V50 17gr 2258 688