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    The STAT tourniquet is designed for mass-casualty response.  The STAT is very easy and quick to apply with minimal training.  If you can use a tie-wrap, you can operate a STAT tourniquet.  Time and ease of use is critical in high stress situations involving life threatening hemorrhage.

    Key Info
    • Light weight & compact.
    • Easy 5 Second application, with visible instructions on tourniquet.
    • Works on small diameter limbs found on infants, youth, and elderly.
    • Includes an easily activated chemical timer - no marker needed!
    • Highly visible release lever for removal by surgeons once casualty arrives in Operating Room.
    • Smooth edges and easy removal avoiding glove tearing.
    • Release tab Safety cover.
    • Can be used as a torso Compression strap.
    • Cost effective.

    STAT is the only tourniquet on the market that has an automatic counting timer that requires no batteries and can be applied in 5 seconds by a person with no experience in Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI).

    Timer - Timestrip timer starts counting once activated (No batteries or marker required).

    Precision Tightening - Tighten in 2 millimeters increments.

    Easily Visible Instructions - Familiar intuitive design that anyone can apply without prior training.

    Releasable Lever - Highly visible release lever used to remove tourniquet once victim arrives for surgery.

    Locking mechanism - Automatic self-locking mechanism.

    Safety Release Cover - Safety for release lever so tourniquet doesn't release during transport.

    Finger Loop - Allows for extra grip while applying.