Wound in a Box By Techline Trauma

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Wounds in a Box are cost-effective and realistic part-task physical trainers that provide just the key elements of the procedure or skill being learned. While they do not replicate performing the task on real patients, they do allow your students to acquire the basic skills needed to learn the procedure with a realistic bleeding response.

Available Wound Types:

  • GS Wound - Presents a realistic GS wound that can be packed.
  • Shrapnel Wound - Presents a typical shrapnel wound which also includes a bone fragment.  This is a good general purpose trainer that can simulate various wound types.
  • Laceration - Presents a laceration such as might be caused by a blade, sheet metal, or glass.
  • Nose in a Box - A part task trainer used to train NPA insertion skills.
  • I/O in a Box - A part task trainer used to train I/O IV access skills.

Wounds in a Box are manufactured to order and have a 6-week lead time.  Our Wound in a Box products interface with bleeding systems and training blood by ATS and others.  See products below to complete your training kit and make you 100% ready to train from day one!

QuikClot Combat Gauze Moulage Trainer - Provides training gauze for wound packing that simulates QuikClot Combat Gauze.

Blood Supply Pump 2gal - Supplies training blood to your part task trainer.

Single Bleeding Supply Tube - Connects pump to 1 part task trainer.

Double Bleeding Supply Tube - Connects pump to 2 part task trainers.

Quad Bleeding Supply Tube - Connects pump to 4 part task trainers.

Training Blood 1gal Mix - Makes realistic training blood that DOES NOT STAIN!

Bleed Containment Tub - Contains blood & debris when using wounds in a box.

Chux Underpads - Contains training blood when using part task trainers.

Nitrile Gloves - Provide BSI gloves for your students during training.