MCAR Kit - Mass Casualty Active Response Kit

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The New MCAR Mass Casualty Active Response Kit is a portable and cost-effective mass-casualty trauma kit. The MCAR is a scalable kit that comes with (8) bagged bleed control modules, but can be expanded to include up to (16) bagged kits along with user supplied items.

The MCAR features an innovative bag design, in which the bleed control modules are easily and quickly distributed in a mass-casualty scene, rather than being used directly from a central bag location.  The MCAR bag can be custom-branded for the user.

All MCAR kits include QuikClot OTC Hemostatic Gauze, as is recommended by the American College of Surgeons for maximum hemorrhage control capability.

Each bagged module in the MCAR contains the following items:

            (1) STAT tourniquet

            (1) pk QuikClot OTC Hemostatic Gauze

            (1) Compression wrap

            (1) pr Nitrile gloves

            (1) pr Shears

            (1) Thermal blanket

The MCAR kit will become available for shipping as of Jan 20th, 2019!