High Angle Medical Responder Kit

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The High Angle Medical Responder (HAMR) is a specialized kit designed for tower climbers and other trades who perform work at heights. The HAMR kit is designed for climbers by a climber!

The HAMR is both a standard first-aid kit and a major hemorrhage control kit. The HAMR is designed to be hoisted aloft, positioned by an injured climber, and provide bleeding control on the tower. Climbers are trained to bring an injured climber immediately to the ground, however in cases involving major hemorrhage, waiting until high-angle rescue is effected could contribute to significant blood loss and possible death.

Most commercial first-aid kits and OSHA required training programs do not address life threatening hemorrhage. Most kits lack tourniquets, wound packing supplies, and robust pressure bandages typically used to treat life threatening hemorrhage. OSHA required training focuses primarily on blood-borne pathogens, CPR, broken bones, and minor bleeding.

Severe lacerations, penetrating injuries, and amputations are always a risk when working with steel. The HAMR is the only kit that provides medical response on the ground, and can be hoisted aloft to respond on the tower as well.

The HAMR kit bag comes with a rugged handle for carry or to rig the bag for lifting. The bag features a no-snag shoulder strap to enable "over the shoulder" carry if needed. The HAMR is fitted with rare-earth magnets, that when exposed provide the option of holding the rigged bag in position near the casualty by aggressively adhering to steel surfaces. The magnets are shielded during normal lifting to avoid clinging during the hoist, but can be quickly deployed to stabilize the bag near the casualty while leaving it attached to the load line. The bag can also be hung on a foot-bolt or attached to a steel member using the carry handle or the attached MOLLE straps.

The HAMR kit contains the following medical supplies:

(4) prs of rugged Defender-T Tactical Nitrile Gloves

(2) CAT TQ, Orange

(1) H&H H-bandage, compression bandage for major wounds

(1) QuikClot OTC, hemo-static wound packing gauze

(1) Compressed elastic wrap, compression bandaging

(3) 2" rolled Kringle gauze, minor wounds

(1) ABD pad

(4) 2x2 gauze sponges

(4) 4x4 gauze sponges

(1) Medical tape, 1"

(1) Clear Cool Hydrogel Burn Dressing, 1st & 2nd degree burns

(1) Trauma shears

(1) Respiration CPR mask

(2) Combat casualty cards

(1) Sharpie marker

(1) Co-wrap (flesh color)

(1) Asst flexible bandage pk

(1) Steri-strips, asst

(1) Meds pack, assorted OTC medications

(2) Oral re-hydration salts

(1) Casualty Response patch on bag

(1) Eye wash flush bottle

(1) Thermal blanket

(1) Cold compress

(1) Sam Splint w/black co-wrap

(1) Cravat/dry burn dressing, 2nd - 3rd degree burns, cravat

(2) LokSak sealed bags to protect loose contents

If you work on steel and you've got a medical problem that needs solving, get a bigger HAMR!