Light Fighter Ankle Trauma Kit

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The Light Fighter ATK is for those who require the maximum in hemorrhage control capability provided in a discrete & comfortable ankle-carry format. The Light Fighter equips the user to respond to extremity hemorrhage, wound packing, penetrating chest injuries, and lesser bleeding. QuikClot Combat Gauze IS provided with this kit. The Light Fighter is ideal for law enforcement or civilians who want to maintain a trauma kit at arms reach.

The Light Fighter Ankle Trauma Kit contains the following supplies:
  • (1) Ankle Trauma Wrap
  • (1) Tourniquet of Choice - You may select the tourniquet type and/or color of your choice.  Pprice will be adjusted according to the tourniquet you select.
  • (1) pk QuikClot Combat Gauze
  • (1) Compressed Elastic Wrap
  • (2) HyFin Vent Compact Chest Seals
  • (1) Klever Kutter safety blade clothing cutter
  • (1) pr Defender-T Nitrile gloves
Click Here to purchase the Ankle Trauma Wrap only.  You can add your own medical supplies and other items to make you one step closer to being ready!