Quik Clot Bleeding Control Kit

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The Bleeding Control Kit from Z-Medica is designed as a public-access Bleeding Control Kit that can provide significant hemorrhage control in a multiple casualty environment.

The Bleeding Control Bag is ideal for small businesses, churches, offices, schools, public events, or any location where the potential exists for an active shooter, IED, or other multiple casualty incident.

Bleeding has been identified as the leading cause of death in such incidents and the Bleeding Control Kit has the supplies necessary to address this threat for up to (3-4) persons.

The Bleeding Control Bag Features:

  • High visibility orange bag
  • Compact design
  • Carry handle
  • Only 1.5lbs
  • Mesh pockets for visualization
  • Clam shell design opens wide
  • Treats major injuries for up to (3-4) persons

The Bleeding Control Bag contains the following items:

  • (1) high visibility bag
  • (5) prs nitrile gloves
  • (3) tourniquets
  • (3) Quik Clot LE Combat Gauze
  • (3) Mini compression bandages
  • (1) CPR face shield
  • (1) 5" EMS shears

Note: You can order the BCK with either CAT tourniquets or SOFTT Wide tourniquets

Does your workplace or place of business have the capability to respond to a mass casualty incident?  Show your safety managers the Bleeding Control Kit and let Active Threat Solutions help you become one step closer to being ready!