Active Threat Trauma Care (ATTC-100) - PRIVATE for Brunswick Co. LE Range, Sat June 22nd 2019

Active Threat Trauma Care is an 8hr emergency medical course that will empower you to prepare, train, and respond to life-threatening injuries common to shootings, stabbings, and accidents involving severe hemorrhage. The training is highly interactive, featuring bleeding task trainers and reality based exercises. ***** Course includes a FREE Pocket Trauma Kit! *****

About this experience

This event is open ONLY to Brunswick County LE Range clients and guests.

You do not choose the moment, the moment chooses you. If a moment of crisis occurs by you, YOU must be the first responder. The life you save may be your own, or that of a loved one.

Active Threat Trauma Care (ATTC-100) prepares you to respond to a life-threatening medical crisis, such as those caused by violent attacks or accidents.

The ATTC-100 Course Features...
- Scene Response Tactics
- Casualty movement
- Casualty assessment
- Bleeding control skills
- Airway management and penetrating chest injury
- Evacuation
- Reality-based training exercise

You will receive a FREE pocket trauma kit with the course! Or, you can apply the value of the kit towards other ATS gear as well.

ATS will provide retail sales of trauma medical kits and supplies at the course location. You can browse ATS products before the course date on our Web Store...

Let ATS help you or your organization prepare, train, and respond!

Additional information

What to bring...
- Comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting dirty
- Pen and paper
- Hydration
- Bag lunch, or money to buy lunch out
- A positive learning mindset!

There will be a 1hr lunch break at mid-day.

WAIVERS: Liability waivers must be filled out and signed upon arrival at the course location.

SAFETY NOTICE REGARDING PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Our training involves some physical activity, such as kneeling by and moving casualties. These activities can produce muscle strain for some participants. For your safety, please advise ATS if you have any conditions that might limit your participation in strenuous activities. Participation in strenuous training activities is OPTIONAL and should be avoided if you have any conditions that might be aggravated by such activities.

POLICY ON DEFENSIVE DEVICES IN THE TRAINING AREA: ATS supports your 2nd Amendment rights and your right to self-defense. However, due to the hands-on nature of reality-based training, we MUST NOT permit ANY lethal devices of any kind in the training area(s). We will be working hands-on with one another and participating in reality-based exercises. Reality-based training industry standards DO NOT permit possession or carry of defensive devices in the training environment for the safety of all trainees and instructors. Please leave any defensive devices locked in the car or otherwise secured outside the training area(s).

CUSTOMER INFORMATION: When you register we will ask you a few questions intended to help us manage safety issues and better interact with our customers. We do not share this information with anyone outside of our organization.

REGISTRATION OF MULTIPLE PERSONS: To register multiple persons, follow this easy process...
- Click BOOK
- Fill out the questionnaire
- After answering questions, Click CONFIRM to place this registration into your shopping cart
- Click back arrow of browser to return to the course page
- Click BOOK to repeat the the process for each additional person you wish to register
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REFUND POLICY: No refunds shall be issued within 14-days of the course date.