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NIJ Level III Plus

The DKX M3 series ballistic plates are the standard for NIJ 0101.06 Level III stand-alone rifle protection. Positively buoyant, the plates provide users flotation capability along with superior blunt force trauma protection and is the lightest armor in its category. It stops special non-armor piercing threats and is equipped with Radio Frequency Embedded Verification (RFEV) tracking for inventory management over its unprecedented 7 year warranty.


American-Made Quality

We produce all of our plates in the U.S.A. in our own facility to ensure that you have the highest quality product that will protect you when you need it most. Our plates go through routine testing at an NIJ approved laboratory so we can guarantee protection against specific threats.

Stealth Operator is on a mission to protect our protectors, and they proudly provide armor to first responders, law enforcement and military agencies. Phalanx Defense Systems provide you the same high quality armor that they trust to protect themselves.

Multi-Hit Tested

Each plate is tested to withstand multiple hits without being compromised.

We believe these devices should be worn to save lives, and we want to give our
customers the highest level of protection that makes sense for their situation.

All plates made by Stealth Operator, LLC are Stand Alone Plates that provide
all of the protection you are seeking at a reasonable price.


Priced With You In Mind

Cheap body armor is likely made of cheaper material, made outside of the United States or made in facilities that are not well equipped.

Some competitors’ best selling plates are ‘in conjunction’ plates, where purchasing means you will need to invest in additional soft panels or hard armor to reach the protection level you are trying to achieve. All plates made by Phalanx Defense Systems are Stand Alone Plates that provide all of the protection you are seeking at a reasonable price.

Unprecedented Warranty

Industry average warranty for hard armor plates is 5 years. Phalanx Defense Systems’ most popular plates (M2, M3, M7X) have a 7 year warranty, one of the longest warranties on the market. Our plates are more protected from the elements and daily wear-and-tear than our competitors with their special coating. We want you to make your investment in the best product and know that it will last you for years to come.


WEIGHT: .85 LB, .89 LB, 1.23 LB
CONSTRUCTION: Polyethylene
MODEL #: DKX MAX III (NIJ Compliant Product List)
Special Threat Tested*

Special Threats

.223 Rem 60gr Partition
(DEA protocol)
7.62mm x 39mm 123gr
Mild Steel Core
7.62mm x 51mm 147gr
5.56mm x 45mm 55gr M193

More info in Trauma Plates: Here

1All size dimensions are ± 0.375”
1 If listed as NIJ certified, only sizes greater than the 7”x8” side plate may be considered compliant to the NIJ Standard-0101.06. All side plates equal to or less than 7”x8” are Independently Tested to the above standards.
*Special Threat Testing conducted in accordance with an abbreviated and modified NIJ Standard 0101.06 / NIJ 0115.00.



  • Due to the sensitive nature of these products, all sales are final.