M11 NIJ Level IV Hard Armor Plate By Phalanx Defense Systems

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The DKX M11 Series ballistic plates bring multi-hit capability to the DKX M10 Series by adding a high performance polyethylene backing. The M11 Series is NIJ 0101.06 level IV certified and also offers protection against the M855, M855A1, 7.62x39 API BZ and 7.62x54R API B32.

We offer standard sized shooter and full cuts on our website, other sizes and cuts are available. Please reach out to us at info@active-threat-solutions.com and we can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

American-Made Quality

Phalanx Systems produce all of its plates in the U.S.A. in its own facility to ensure that you are getting the highest quality product that will protect you when you need it most. There plates go through routine testing at an NIJ approved laboratory so they can guarantee protection against specific threats.

Phalanx is on a mission to protect our protectors, and they proudly provide armor to first responders, law enforcement and military agencies. Phalanx Defense Systems provide you the same high quality armor that they trust to protect themselves.

Multi-Hit Tested

Each plate is tested to withstand multiple hits without being compromised. We believe these devices should be worn to save lives, and Phalanx Defense Systems want to give our customers the highest level of protection that makes sense for their situation.

Priced With You In Mind

Cheap body armor is likely made of cheaper material, made outside of the United States or made in facilities that are not well equipped.

Some competitors’ best selling plates are ‘in conjunction’ plates, where purchasing means you will need to invest in additional soft panels or hard armor to reach the protection level you are trying to achieve. All plates made by Phalanx Defense Systems are Stand Alone Plates that provide all of the protection you are seeking at a reasonable price.

Unprecedented Warranty

Industry average warranty for hard armor plates is 5 years. Phalanx Defense Systems’ most popular plates (M2, M3, M7X) have a 7 year warranty, one of the longest warranties on the market. Our plates are more protected from the elements and daily wear-and-tear than our competitors with their special coating. We want you to make your investment in the best product and know that it will last you for years to come.


  • Due to the sensitive nature of these products, all sales are final.