INVRT Medical Pouch

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There are no excuses not to have it!  Purchase as a medical carrier only and outfit it yourself, or buy it with a small med kit effective in both self and buddy-aid scenarios.

The INVRT Med Carrier is a solution to carrying a variety of first aide and trauma items in the vertical position while mounted on your PALS platform.  Designed in collaboration with Lunar Concepts, the carrier is supported by scuba webbing and 5″ wide MIL-W-5664 webbing elastic which provides a firm hold.  The tear away deployment system supports the contents while allowing one handed extraction from the open end. The INVRT Med Carrier was designed with first-aid in mind but can easily be adapted to carry other items as well.

As with all INVRT pouches, the Med Carrier can be confidently used in the inverted position, giving the user choice when setting up their carrier.

  • Very fast deployment with large d-ring
  • 5″ mil-spec elastic sleeve for secure retention
  • Interior “tear-away” carrier retains items
  • 2″ wide loop field on front
  • PALS webbing compatible, clips included
  • Can also be used for other non-med items
  • Made in the USA and is Berry Compliant